Product news

16 Nov 2018
Inductive high temperature sensors
Withstand temperatures up to 230 °C / 446 °F Learn more
26 Oct 2018
Steel face Factor 1 and ferrous/non-ferrous proximity sensors
Sense proximity in harsh metal stamping and welding environments Learn more
05 Oct 2018
Mechanical safety switches
Rugged and reliable interlocking device and guard locking devices Learn more
21 Sep 2018
Solid-state flow switches
Reliably and accurately monitor liquid flow Learn more
07 Sep 2018
Stainless steel fork sensors
Rugged self-contained through-beams Learn more
24 Aug 2018
Photoelectric flatpack sensors
Miniature sensors for the harshest environments Learn more
03 Aug 2018
Enhanced web server
Simplify IO-Link Device Integration Learn more
27 Jul 2018
Ceramic Caps for Inductive Sensors
Caps add layer of protection from high heat and weld spatter Learn more
20 Jul 2018
Safety Light Curtains - One family for finger, hand or body detection
Cost-Effective Hazardous Area Safeguarding for Personal Protection Learn more
13 Jul 2018
Innovative Technology for Pick-to-Light Applications
SmartLight Indicator for Assembly and Kitting Functions Learn more
13 Jul 2018
Innovative Technology for Point-of-Use Indication
SmartLight Indicator for Enhanced Operator Guidance Learn more
06 Jul 2018
Incremental Magnetic Linear Encoder System
Expanded Ride Height Solves Issues with Variable Gap Distance Learn more
29 Jun 2018
Inductive flatpack sensors with Fortron sensing face
Rugged part detection for extreme welding applications Learn more
22 Jun 2018
IO-Link Converter for RS232 Devices
The simple and practical solution for connecting RS232 with IO-Link Learn more
15 Jun 2018
Magnetic Mounts for Non-Contact Couplers
Easy and Reliable Connection for Inductive Coupling System Learn more
08 Jun 2018
Non-Contact RFID Safety Guard Locking Switch
Quick, reliable, and tamper-proof machine safety solution Learn more
01 Jun 2018
Implement testing routines easily and transfer the results efficiently Learn more
25 May 2018
M30 Magnetic Mounts for RFID Readers
Simple and reliable connecting of RFID readers. Learn more
18 May 2018
Universal IO-Link Connection
Delivers reliable signal transmission under extreme ambient conditions. Learn more
11 May 2018
Face Savers for Flush Mounted Sensors
Protecting the face of the sensor from impact damage. Learn more
30 Apr 2018
Flexible Mode for SmartLight Tower Light
Customize to your application with flexible configuration. Learn more
16 Apr 2018
Emergency Stop Device
Compact housing for simple installation on various machines and equipment. Learn more
09 Apr 2018
True Color Sensor BFS 33M
Balluff‘s true color sensor uses white LEDs to provide a greater color spectrum evaluation. Learn more
02 Apr 2018
RFID Coded Non-Contact Safety Switch with Optional Latching Force
Tamper-proof, wear-free access security. Learn more
02 Apr 2018
Magnetically coded non-contact safety switch
Non-contact magnetically coded safety switches are outstanding for monitoring guard doors – especially in environments where contamination or dust is expected. Learn more
02 Apr 2018
RFID Coded Non-Contact Safety Switch
Tamper resistant, wear-free access protection - with a wide range for installation and utilization. Learn more
26 Mar 2018
UHF short-range read-write head BIS VU-320
Compact design, 1 m range, automatic configuration. Learn more
19 Mar 2018
Inductive Safety Sensors - for people and equipment
Inductive safety sensors detect the approach of metallic objects without contact. Learn more
12 Mar 2018
Photoelectric Sensor with IO-Link: BOS 18M
Added value for the standard sensor. Learn more
05 Mar 2018
All-in-One I/O Module with Safely Interruptible Actuator Segment
This all-in-one solution allows you to connect both sensors and actuators to just one module. Learn more
15 Feb 2018
IP69-Rated Network Modules with Stainless Steel Housing
I/O modules with 8 IO-Link ports and expandable IO-Link I/O hubs for washdown environment. Learn more
06 Feb 2018
Photoelectric Distance Sensor BOD 23K
Balluff’s newest distance sensor utilizes time of flight technology that allows for detecting objects at longer distances with various surface characteristics. Learn more
25 Jan 2018
Photoelectric Distance Sensors with Long Range BOD 37M
Reliably measure distance up to 20 meters – regardless of the target surface properties. Learn more
08 Dec 2017
Photoelectric Multi-Function Sensor BOS 21M ADCAP
Sensor data – anytime and anywhere. Learn more
01 Dec 2017
Photoelectric Distance Sensors BOD 24K
Optical distance sensors in the BOD 24K product family combine precision and intelligence. Learn more
09 Nov 2017
Magnetic Encoder System with SIL 2 Certification
The BML-S1G magnetic encoder system features a safe incremental sin/cos interface and a safe absolute SSI or BiSS-C interface. Learn more
19 Oct 2017
BES Q40 Inductive Sensor
The new Q40 inductive sensor is an economical, flexible installation sensor for a variety of applications in conveying technology. Learn more
02 Oct 2017
BIS M-4008 All-in-one RFID Reader
Antenna and processor in one housing saves time, space and expense and connects seemlessly to a Profinet network. Learn more
26 Sep 2017
Seamless Integration of Analog Inputs over IO-Link
Flexible integration of Analog and Discrete I/O to meet demands of complex automation. Learn more
17 Sep 2017
BIP04 Inductive Positioning System
Measure linear position continuously and without contact Learn more
31 Aug 2017
Processor unit BIS V - the universal RFID platform
High-speed and high-memory capacity using LF, HF, or UHF Learn more
17 Aug 2017
Flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor head
For continuous level detection over a wide range Learn more
30 Jun 2017
Slim IO-Link Master for Ethernet based Industrial Networks
4-port IO-Link master in compact form for Profinet, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT Learn more
23 Jun 2017
Protective Housing for Photoelectric Sensors
For use with BOS 23K, BOD 23K and BOS 50K in harsh, extreme conditions Learn more
19 May 2017
Laser light array with IO-Link
Detect the slightest deviations with high precision. Learn more
09 May 2017
Sun 73 Coated Steel Face Inductive Sensors
Balluff Sun 73 Steel Face sensors were designed for harsh weld spatter applications. Learn more
01 Jan 2017
Linear position sensors with Ethernet/IP interface
Fast, Synchronous, and Precise Position Feedback Learn more
01 Jan 2017
Magnetic encoder system BML-S1G
With Absolute Quadrature Interface and Condition Monitoring Learn more
01 Jan 2017
Infrared Temperature Sensor with IO-Link
Balluff‘s Infrared Temperature Sensor allows monitoring high temperatures without contact in inaccessible or harsh environments. Learn more
01 Aug 2016
Safety over IO-Link: Safe I/O Module BNI IOF
Safe signal acquisition and communication Learn more
01 Jul 2016
Non-contact position measurement with IO-Link interface
Magnetostrictive linear position sensor for use in hydraulic cylinders as well as level measurement Learn more
20 Apr 2016
UHF data carrier (860 ... 960 MHz)
Application specific tags for UHF Applications. Learn more
07 Apr 2016
Magnetic EncoderSystem BML SL1
Absolute linear measuring system with IO-Link interface and condition monitoring. Learn more
01 Apr 2016
BOS 21M Photoelectric Sensor
Robust background suppression – versatile use with red light or laser Learn more
01 Apr 2016
Magnetic Sensor for C-slots with Multiple Switchpoints
60 mm detection area with two teachable outputs. Up to eight switchpoints with IO-Link. Learn more
01 Apr 2016
Magnetic Sensor for T-slots with Multiple Switchpoints
60 mm detection area with two teachable outputs – up to eight switchpoints with IO-Link Learn more
01 Apr 2016
BTL7 TA12 Explosion Proof Linear Position Sensor
Hazardous area linear position sensor with new features, improved performance. Learn more
15 Mar 2016
Direct connect – save time, space and costs. Learn more
01 Mar 2016
Weld spatter resistant I/O modules with 8 IO-Link ports and expandable IO-Link I/O hubs
Network modules and I/O hubs specially designed with high noise immunity and built with high-end fiberglass reinforced composite Learn more
08 Jan 2016
Weld-resistant IO modules with eight IO-Link ports plus cascadable IO-Link IO hubs
Reliable signal transmission in electrical interference fields. Learn more
09 Dec 2015
Power supplies for automats and applications without a control cabinet
Compact IP20 devices with wide-range input Learn more
07 Dec 2015
Photoelectric Sensor BOS 18E Stainless Steel
Ideally suited for harsh environments Learn more
04 Nov 2015
Heartbeat® – IO-Link power supplies for reliable voltage supply
With built-in condition monitoring Learn more
01 Apr 2015
BML S2C Magnetic Linear Encoder System
With extended sensor-to-tape gap distance up to 5 mm Learn more
19 Feb 2015
New IO-Link Power Supplies from Balluff
Balluff offers a full line of continuously monitoring power supplies, which now includes IO-Link versions with the HEARTBEAT® function. Learn more